I completed my Masters in chemical engineering and commerce (combined parallel post-graduate study MSc and MCom) with distinction 1997 at the Technical University of Berlin. Subsequently I completed a French equivalent of an MBA at the French Graduate School of Business in Toulouse (Grande Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse).

In order to further my education and knowledge in the field of coaching, I certified as a Practitioner Coach with the SA College of Applied Psychology as well as a certified Applied Life Coach with the Foundation College. I also completed a thorough coaching- and consciousness development training with the coaching academy of Creative Consciousness International and am an accredited Consciousness Coach.

I am still working as a management and IT consultant when I am not coaching. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and work both locally and internationally. When not at work, I follow my passion for sports and outdoor activities. You might find me in the sea, lakes, mountains, ravines, forests or deserts around Cape Town.

My decision to become a coach had several triggers and events and has evolved over time. Some of those drivers were:

  • Some years ago, I was going through a growth and development phase myself and I could see how many others got stuck trying to do the same. Unfortunately, those others did not use coaching or see a coach.
  • The coaching experience during my 18 months of coach training was very rewarding and planted the seed for my coaching career.
  • I enjoy the working style of coaching.
  • Seeing my client leaving empowered and becoming successful is truly motivating for me.
  • Many years ago, my coach at the time, had a huge influence and made me see what I can achieve.

My coaching model consists of various approaches, depending on the type of coaching, the context and particular needs of the coaching client.

Whilst business coaching might require a stronger delivery and performance focus, my life and career coaching is a combination of the following components:

  • Action and delivery focused coaching
  • Consciousness development (where and when appropriate)
  • Ontological methods (science of being)
  • Systems thinking
  • Aspects of NLP
  • Rogerian

My coaching model is not based on the following:

  • Psycho-analytical methods (Freudian)
  • Behavioural methods
  • Humanistic methods

whilst I might use elements of those when appropriate for the client.

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