Our mind is very powerful in convincing us that we better stay where we are, just shut up and keep quiet, because the potential consequences will be detrimental… really ?

What are the actual financial costs for not acting now ? Think about the e.g.

  • medial costs for the health damage,
  • massages for tight shoulders,
  • vitamin pills and immune boosters to fight sickness due to your stress,
  • sleeping pills to numb the worries and coffees for your drained energy levels
  • the lost opportunities to make the income you deserve in a job that you like and feel passionate about
  • the hours of leisure and free time that you don’t have because you are stuck in a 12 hour job

Give it a Rand value and start a simple calculation to show the financial ‘consequences’ of each of your decisions. How much do you gain and loss by staying and by changing your situation.

Is it worth the price you are paying ?



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