It seems that becoming a coach is becoming more and more fashionable, at least if I go by the number of requests and enquiries I receive every day. The companies that offer training to become a coach must make a lot of money, guess why many coaches offer coach training ? So much easier and faster to make money.

When talking about coaching and coaches, I am not talking about coaches in the sports domain, I am refering to face-to-face interaction with an individual. I am excluding giving advice, mentoring, consulting, therapy, counselling, training, or providing technical, factual information as a service such as e.g. Nutritional coaching which is just a fashion term for providing nutritional advice. This is not coaching !

I do not and don’t have the intention to offer coach training. I do not advice or recommend a particular coaching education or entity over another. Everybody has different expectations and needs and I don’t want to be liable for your decisions.

If you are still interested to become a coach, there are several options out there, which can be divided into two groups.

  • Entities that offer traditional classroom style education, based on a curriculm with several modules. Each module runs for several weeks/months with tests to be written at intervals, literature to be reviewed, exam papers to be written before a certificate or diploma is issued.
  • Entities that offer one or few short courses over the period of a few weeks , mostly weekends, with group interaction amongst students during that time and often in between weekend courses at their own time to practice and train the weekend course material. This type of training is more practical, often shorter, less academic, less research-knowledge bsased, less ‘thorough’ in terms of theory and study whislt likely to be more interactive and easierr to pass and quick er to get a certificate.

If you are still interested to become a coach, ask yourself the follwoing questions before you embark on an education or training.

  • Do I want to do it for the certification and the paper on the wall ?
  • Do I want to do it for the networking and getting to know other coaches and how they work ?
  • Do I want to do it to become a coach and establish a new career and income stream ?
  • Do I want to do because I like the working (and life) style of a coach ?
  • Do I want to do it because I like to be a able to say that I am a coach/ working as a coach ?
  • Do I want to do it for my personal development ?
  • Do I want to do it to learn more about /for myself
  • Do I want to do it so that I can learn and improve my life…and take charge of my life.

To most of the above questions, there are alternative options and anwsers beyond doing a coaching education/training….yes some include taking actual coaching sessions, some alternative courses, or other means and mediums to get to the desired goal.


  • Coaching is like, consulting, an unregulated profession and industry. Anybody can call him/herself a coach and start working as a coach.
  • Few coaching educations/training couses are accredited with credible local or internationa bodies
  • Few of the local or international coaching bodies are more than a network of coaches to assert themselves, group amongst themselves or consolidate the students in an alumni type network.
  • There are more than 18 official coaching related bodies and associations in the german-speaking countries in Europe, and each of them claim superiority over the others.
  • Many professions are taking on the term ‘coach’ and now there are suddently sales coaches, wellness coaches, body image coaches, etc out there. This might impact on the reputation and image of the remaining coaching profession and coaches.

By the way, a nice distinction I heard recently for the differnce between education and training – What would you prefer for your daughter ? Sex education or sex training ?

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