How does Coaching fit in with other disciplines such as psychiatrist, psychologist, mentors, etc ?

Let’s use the metaphor of driving a car.

  • A psychiatrist will diagnose what is stopping you from from driving the car – The ‘Why’
  • A psychologist will listen to the anxieties about you driving the car….where else do you have similar anxieties ?…
  • A mentor will share hints and trips from his experience of driving… what happened to me back then and what I would do differently now.
  • A consultant will advise you on how to drive the car…. the do’s and don’s
  • A trainer will practise with you driving a car
  • A coach will work with you in such a way, that you will be overcoming your obstacles, you will put the things in place that help and support you in driving the car. A coach will help you identifying your obstacles and helping you finding your personal approach to the solution.

Hope this helps in selecting the ‘right discipline’ for your situation.

… maybe this helps you to assess which areas of your life you want to change ?

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