How to keep your New Year’s resolution

The RIGHT goals ?

We choose goals so that we have something to show, talk about, demonstrate direction, and avoid embarrassment.

  • Be honest with yourself

Subconsciously, we choose goals that are not really ours, therefore we are not committed in achieving and delivering on them.

  • Distinguish between your ‘externally adopted’ goals and your real internal ones. Check your wording: Are you using statements such as “I need to…I should, I must …” Chances are that your goals are not really yours.. When do you say: “I want to …? You might be closer to your personal goals and dreams.

How to identify your goals ?

Ask yourself: If you were guaranteed success in anything you want, no limitations, no obstacles, what would it be ? !

then list up to five things you dream of … using the below three categories. What is it you want to have, be and do ? What is it you dream of ..

  • Having (including but not limited to material things, car, cloths, etc)
  • Being (fluent in Spanish, good yoga teacher, etc).
  • Doing (visiting Brasil, learn to windsurf, etc)

If you are blocked in terms of ‘doing’ ? Think of:

  • One place to visit
  • One thing to do before you die
  • One thing to do daily
  • One thing to do weekly
  • One thing you always wanted to learn

How to achieve those goals – some guidelines

  1. Stop being busy and do what is important. What is the one thing that gets you closer to your important goal. Start every day with that and complete, before you do anything else.
  2. Don’t try to scare yourself, punishment is a poor motivator.
  3. Get better friends. Surround yourself with friends that can also be rolemodels.
  4. Break your goals down into small bite-size junks. Maximum 2 hours tasks.
  5. Just do it first, before you are stuck in planning. Actions preceeds motivation.
  6. Avoid being a perfectionist.
  7. Setbacks are lessons for growth. Just make sure you really learn from them. Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
  8. Don’t keep your resolution to yourself. Sharing it with the right, supportive others might give you a gentle nudge in the right direction when you loose track.
  9. Give your goals meaning. Real meaning for yourself. Your goal should be something you really desire to change or achieve, not something that society says is good for you to do or your family members would like to see you do. If you don’t have strong, internal motivation within yourself, you won’t be successful and you are likely to give up over time.
  10. Good luck and most importantly enjoy; it is your life.

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