This is an extract from the BusinessTimes / CareerTimes section (8th of November 2009)

A list of possible benefits if you committed wholeheartedly to coaching:

  • reaching goals quicker
  • having fun reaching goals
  • receiving support
  • getting ideas and directions (Note: I disagree on ‘getting’ – a coach must never ‘give’ advice and directions – so a coach’s questions are supposed to trigger something that gets you ideas and directions you yourself)
  • achieving personal accountability
  • being guided in setting a realistic time frame to achieve objectives
  • getting insights (through a coach asking questions and some consciousness development work)
  • receiving guidance in identifying clutter in life
  • getting a clearer sense of self
  • learning to see value in what you have to offer
  • learning to use your time more wisely
  • probably making ‘aha’ discoveries
  • (Note that I do not agree fully with each and every of the above statement – this is purely to share what has been published on the subject of coaching recently.)

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