Psychologist and coaches

Generally most of the people today are well informed.
A lot of them have already done soul searching. Every second book, movie, you name it, has already got psychology interpretations, TV shows – Oprah, Dr. Phil. Your basic average person requires that much more of a psychologist. No longer is your average person satisfied with having a problem at home, going to a specialist, having the specialist repair the damage and then going back home and all is well.

Most of the people today want to be able to fix the problems themselves and hence that is why these New Age psychologists are called coaches. Most of the coaches today have psychology incorporated, in fact a lot of them were psychologists. Coaching allows the client to be the expert. The idea of the expert resides with them and not the coach. The previous idea whereby the expert would have all the answers and retain that information to himself, no longer exists.

Your average person wants to know why.
Don’t just give him an answer to his question, or just fix his problem. They want to know everything. They want to know where it came from, where it is going, why, who they are, what they are. Why even in certain aspects the coach has come up with that answer and not another one.

We live in an era of info and people are hungry for information about themselves and about life. In all walks of life, private life, career, business, finances – in every aspect of their lives they want to be coached. The New Age psychologist has changed psychology and made it a positive attitude to life through psychology. Psychology is no longer just a tool to understanding what is wrong. Psychology has become a positive attitude, hence a positive psychology to life. The psychology of life in a positive attitude, in a positive way, well informed, takes people further now.

People themselves are becoming psychologists.
In fact most of them are their own psychologists and are attempting to be their own psychologists. We the coaches no longer play the main character, we are just aids to assist them in the best possible way – for them to find their way, not for us to find their way.

The attitude towards getting help.
In the past, psychology was an area which was considered private. Should you have a problem, should there be an issue as such, then you would secretly go to a psychologist. Today psychology is more and more considered to be a positive thing. People will be proud to advertise that they are coached by XYZ, and that is the difference.

In the past it was considered taboo and maybe even something wrong with you. Most of the people today understand this – any issues, any psychological problems that they have, is considered a norm. The word is out, there are many books, specialists advertising. No longer is it a problem, it is just your path, growing and stretching boundaries and trying the best that you can within that time.

Psychology is much more flexible now, much more applicable than before. It is even used in sports, in every aspect of our lives today. This master is just now more flexible, more reachable, and more approachable.

Approach of the Life Coaching Centre
The Life Coaching Centre applies a true holistic (holistic= emphasizing the functional relation between parts and the whole) approach whereby the coach looks at the bigger picture and takes relevant elements of the person’s life into consideration like work-life balance, career, body, relationship, cultural, emotional, spiritual, etc when for example working on a career development.

We believe that it is in the clients best interest to raise his awareness about the bigger picture and therefore supporting him in identifying the root-cause (bigger/deeper picture) and not just a quick fix of the symptomatic surface issue, hence coaching where the client has the answers – not the professional – and the coach helps to uncover the answer together with the client.

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